water-damage-cleanupWater Damage Cleanup in Ontario

For over 60 years, ServiceMaster Restore has been providing Canadian homes and businesses with industry leading water damage cleanup in Ontario when disaster strikes. We provide a trusted, reliable services that restores damaged property and helps put your mind at ease as well. Our highly trained network of ServiceMaster Restore specialists are ready and equipped to tackle all forms of disasters using the industry’s most effective equipment.

Day or night, we're is always on call to provide 24-hour solutions to help our customers with sudden water damage emergencies. Our network is comprised of industry leading specialists in Ontario who are equipped to not only bring flawless results, but satisfaction too.

The faster the call, the faster the solution

When water damage starts to take form, it’s vital that professional water damage cleanup is applied right away to prevent further problems. Taking immediate action will prevent costly and time consuming repairs down the road, no matter how insignificant damages may seem. Talk to us today to learn more about water damage cleanup in Ontario - and talk to your insurance professional for the additional advice and guidance you may need. Use our postal code finder or select your city from the menu.