mold-removalMold Removal in Vancouver, British Columbia

Whether caused by a flood, fire or an accident in the home, water damage can be a terrible thing, often resulting in the need for mold removal in Vancouver. Your local ServiceMaster Restore® provides reliable, reputable assessment and remediation services to help you get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

ServiceMaster Restore is your 24/7 lifeline when water, mold, fire and smoke or other damages occur. Your services will be performed by highly-trained professionals who will work quickly to repair any affected areas. It’s essential that the home visit is scheduled as quickly as possible to avoid any potential spreading of the mold. Additionally, you will be kept up to date throughout the entire process.

There is a certain amount of confidence that comes with being in business for over 60 years — confidence felt by our clients in knowing that they’ve chosen a reputable company that will get the job done right. We’re proud of our reputation for in-depth, dependable service all across the nation. We utilize the most advanced techniques and procedures with top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the highest standards when it comes to mold removal in Vancouver.


Black mold isn’t just something that’s unpleasant to look at—it can threaten your home and your health. Left to grow and spread, mold can damage the physical structure of your home, resulting in substantial repairs. Significant mold growth also lessens indoor air quality and can produce various health problems including headaches, skin irritation and allergic reactions. Don’t let your mold problem worsen: get a professional mold remediation company on your side. ServiceMaster Restore technicians have the specialized training, advanced processes and cutting-edge technology to eliminate mold promptly and effectively, so you can return to a safe, healthy home faster. Our mold removal services include:

  • Full mold inspection and moisture assessment
  • Removal of all moldy and damaged materials and contents 
  • Air quality control and cleaning • Sanitization and anti-microbial application 
  • Reconstruction and repair of affected structures 
  • Temporary storage and inventory for damaged contents (as necessary)

Check out our FAQ page for more information on mold removal services.

About ServiceMaster Restore

ServiceMaster Restore is your reliable resource for the repair of damages sustained from water, fire and smoke, mold and more. We know how devastating it can be when a situation arises in which you require emergency restoration services — that's why we’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If disaster has touched your home or place of business, don’t hesitate to call on ServiceMaster Restore.