• How do you fix water damage?

    If you have experienced water damage in your house the first step you should take is to contact your local ServiceMaster Restore professional by calling 1-866-866-6938.

    In most instances the areas affected will need to dry, which is determined by a combination of factors including the location, duration and source of water, the types of building materials, the weather conditions and how quickly emergency services begin.

    Through consistent monitoring and evaluation of the drying process, ServiceMaster Restore professionals can determine when the drying is complete. While there are no rules to determine how long your property will take to dry, we can tell you it may take between three and five days or more, depending on the conditions.

    The only way to have peace of mind that your property is completely dry is through proper testing with specialized equipment, as touch alone may be a false indicator. To make sure your property is fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible, give us a call today.

  • How do you fix water damage on ceilings?

    Water damage on ceilings can be overwhelming when you are unaware of the next steps that should be taken. When you book an appointment with a ServiceMaster Restore professional by calling 1-866-866-6938, we will provide a plan to repair the damaged ceiling.

    Our technicians will evaluate moisture content, determine the severity of the damage and may need to remove some of your ceiling to aid drying. Wet insulation can also be a hazard and may need to be removed. The best choice is to call a local ServiceMaster Restore professional today to help you determine ideal next steps in getting your specific issue addressed and fixed.

  • How do you fix water damage on wood floors?

    Water damage on wood floors can be a major issue if you don’t act quickly because if left unaddressed, the moisture can cause the flooring to buckle. To prevent this from occurring, contact your local ServiceMaster Restore professionals at 1-866-866-6938.

    First, the wood flooring must be evaluated before the drying process can begin. ServiceMaster Restore employs specialized drying systems and dehumidifiers that enable us to create an environment where wood floors can dry more efficiently and resume their original shape. Due to a variety of factors, drying may take up to three weeks or longer depending upon the scope of the project.

    The best way to determine your specific needs is by calling ServiceMaster Restore today.


  • What steps are involved in the fire damage restoration process?

    The first step you should take when undertaking any sort of fire damage restoration is consulting your local ServiceMaster Restore technician by calling 1-866-866-6938.

    Any attempt at “do-it-yourself” cleaning methods without consulting a qualified technician are strongly discouraged. After you have booked an appointment with your local ServiceMaster Restore technician and the estimate dates, phases and costs have been agreed to, an initial inspection will take place.

    At this time, safety hazards are identified and addressed including:

    • debris removal
    • air quality
    • electrical hazards
    • slip and trip hazards

    Burnt electrical cords and appliances are separated out for disposal, and questionable electrical appliances are unplugged and tagged for evaluation of safe operation.

    From there, professional cleaning systems and products used by experienced and trained ServiceMaster Restore technicians will be implemented, giving you the best chance for complete restoration of your belongings.

  • How much does fire & smoke damage restoration cost?

    The cost of the service varies depending on the severity and extent of the fire and smoke damage. The cost is determined on a case-by-case basis; however, our expertise, training and satisfaction guarantee are built into the price of the service.

    The best step you can take is to consult with your local ServiceMaster Restore technician by calling 1-866-866-6938. Once a full consultation with your ServiceMaster Restore technician takes place, the cost as well as estimated dates and phases of your restoration project will be provided.


  • How do you detect mold & mildew in your home?

    Dark spots on your ceiling, floors or walls are a sure sign of mold growth in your home. Another sign to look out for is high humidity levels such as condensation on glass and metal surfaces, since this can also be a warning signal of mold or mildew growth.

    If you notice any of these signs, you should make an appointment with a local ServiceMaster Restore professional as soon as possible by calling 1-866-866-6938.

    If left unattended, mold growth can cause respiratory and allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, trouble breathing and wheezing, so it is imperative that you have these issues checked out by the professionals at ServiceMaster Restore as soon as possible.

  • How do you remove mold & mildew in your home?

    Mold and mildew are a serious issue and should be treated as such.

    A small patch of mold or mildew can potentially be removed without professional help, but if the mold and mildew issues continue after you have attempted to address them, then it is time to contact the experts at ServiceMaster Restore by calling 1-866-866-6938.

    For larger mold and mildew removal projects, leave it to the experts for safe and effective cleanup. ServiceMaster Restore professionals have completed comprehensive training and employ the safest and most effective techniques for solving any mold problems.

    The professionals at ServiceMaster Restore regularly handle projects of all sizes for both businesses and homeowners.